Justin Woodhead


Justin's passion for providing the optimum reporting from Risk Engines is evident from extensive hands-on technical implementations for customers using various Enterprise solutions software. Justin has worked extensively for over 20 institutions on-site, covering roles including installation and integration of Enterprise solutions that include complete Unix OS setups covering Solaris, HP, Digital and AIX incorporating Oracle and Sybase databases with tested back-up and recovery plans.


Justin's technical background evolved from C programming at Technology One (1992~1996) to implementation of mining software globally at Mincom (1997~2000) with the installation of UNIX operation systems along with Oracle and Sybase and integration of Ellipse Enterprise solutions.


In 2000, Justin joined Algorithmics spending 4 years as an Integration Engineer, implementing RiskWatch and other AlgoSuite products for customers in Australia, Asia and Europe. During this period skills were developed in the art of batch splitting so as to run RiskWatch in order to complete results on-time for Traders and Risk Managers. This was especially appreciated by customers of the Credit Risk which was heavily dependent on CPU calculations running Monte Carlo simulations.


Justin also developed an Excel/html reporting solution for Risk monitoring for a local Singapore bank.


In 2005 Justin joined Shinsei Bank in Japan where for the next five years he setup the Murex Reporting solution for Traders, Risk Managers and Controllers along with satisfying the reporting requirements of other users. Introducing an Espreadsheet solution and implementing the foundation for the batch environment to handle over 300 batches per night covering Traders/Risk Managers, Controllers and Operations requirements had lasting efficiency implications. Through a local management and technical hands-on approach, a reliable and efficient integrated solution was built for Shinsei Bank ensuring Traders and Risk Managers had the analytics available on time for accurate and timely decision-making.