Trading Floor Relocations
We are the industry’s leading experts in trading floor relocations.  Our IMAC team has over 30 years of experience in the investment banking sector.  If there’s anyone in Hong Kong that can move a trading floor successfully, it’s our IMAC team.

Attention to Detail

Our IMAC team pays close attention to detail on every aspect of the relocation.  We like to take a photograph of every desk before the move.  We aim to replicate your desk in exactly as it was left, including the position of your monitor, keyboard and mouse.

Professional Services

Our experienced IMAC team won’t leave a stone unturned.  All items are labelled so they won’t end up on someone else’s desk.  We treat each desk as an individual.  Our professional Project Managers work closely with you to handle the project from end-to-end.  Our support staff are in Integra-IT branded shirts and are never too far away should you have a question or concern.

Seamless Transition

We make office relocations a painless experience.  We perform the moves out of business hours to ensure there is a seamless transition to your new desk.  To date, every relocation we have performed has experienced zero downtime.

New Office Fit-Outs

Setting up a new office in the region?  Our IMAC team is your one stop shop for new office fit-outs.  Our dynamic, multi-skilled team offers an end-to-end service; from the design phase, to planning, cabling, hardware procurement, desktop deployment and user support.

Regular Moves

In this time of ever changing budgets you can engage our IMAC team to perform your “BAU” re-shuffles and re-stacks.  No matter how small or large, you get the same professional service whenever you need it.  Our IMAC team makes the perfect supplement to an already busy BAU team.  No more hassles when moving your teams around.