Application Development & Support
We offer practical end-to-end IT solutions to help our clients manage their risk positions. Our Enterprise IT solutions focus on supporting the Trading, Treasury and Risk management activities of our clients.

We help you to enhance your risk management capabilities from your Trading Platform/Risk Engine, reduce IT costs, and implement strategic solutions. We cover the implementation and integration of platforms such as Murex, Algo, Summit and Sungard. We understand the financial products and implement industry best practices from Front-to-Back solutions.

System Integration & Implementations

We understand the details involved in implementing an Enterprise IT system integration solution.

To combine and extract dozens of Risk Engine results for end-users, we implement a scripting environment and reporting database to deliver the required information via scripting tools and reliable batch environments.

We undertake a careful analysis of all variables that will affect the performance of the system including the concept of centralisation and “calculate once and share results” methodology.

Architecture & Database Support

  • Architecture Design:
    Optimise the scale of servers and CPUs results;
  • Environment Setup Configuration:
    Set up multiple environments for purposes such as backup, stress testing, development, production;
  • Machine Optimal Configuration:
    Optimise your CPUs’ performance;
  • Oracle, Sybase, SQL Server, Postgres Support:
    Set up and fine-tune various databases;
  • Scripting Tools:
    Extract results for any post-processing needs;
  • Batch Processing/Split Jobs Configuration:
    Design and develop overnight/intra-day batches to ensure results are completed in time.

Managing Risk Engines for financial institutions is a mission-critical task. Building redundancies is therefore a must. We can help you by developing effective data back-up and disaster recovery plans.

Smart Reporting

Risk Engines are not reporting solutions. We provide pooling of analytics results for traders’ needs.

We develop a single platform by designing a dedicated database warehouse that gathers market data, static data and analytical results. This enables quick integration of various sets of results into a seamless single Excel spreadsheet according to the traders’ needs and requirements.

MS Excel is the most common reporting tool for traders/risk managers, and we can customise spreadsheets according to each individual user’s requirements.