Managed Support Service
Using an outsourced IT support partner is a smart move for small and medium sized businesses.  It enables you to maintain business continuity at a fraction of the cost of running your own in-house IT department.

IT System Health Checks

Are your IT systems up to the task, are they secure enough?  Have you got unknown spyware on your system giving hackers access to confidential information?  Are you getting the best from your current support provider?  Let us help and give you peace of mind.

Small Office Moves

Just because it’s small doesn’t make it less important.  Any small office move that involves IT relocation requires careful planning and execution.  The Integra-IT TSS team can handle all the logistics surrounding your next office move.

Infrastructure Hosting

Are you running out of space or tired of the constant hum that comes from your IT equipment?  Let us host your IT systems at a top tier Data Centre and make sure you never have to worry about them again.

Data Centre Support and Rack & Stack

Managing and maintaining your IT infrastructure at your Data Centre can be expensive and time consuming for your staff.  The Integra-IT TSS team can provide a cost effective, proactive and high availability service to suit your needs.

Team Viewer QS

By downloading this tool, it will be enable our engineers to remotely control your computer and assist with your service call. You can download the tool and provide us the ID and Password.

(Download for Windows) (Download for Mac)

Case Studies

  • Nine Masts
When a new hedge fund was launching in Hong Kong in 2010 they approached Integra-IT for their IT solutions.

When a new hedge fund was launching in Hong Kong in 2010 they approached Integra-IT for their IT solutions.

We helped the initial design and fit out of their offices and since then have been their IT support provider. They have grown so quickly they needed to move to bigger premises in 2011 and, again, we helped them with their move.

“As a new hedge it was critical we choose a vendor that was on top of trends in technology and that could guide us in building a sustainable and scalable infrastructure platform in a highly cost efficient manner. Integra-IT has provided us with mission critical technology support, hardware and software buildouts and buildups and helped us scale up economically. They have kept us apprised of trends in technology (such as clouds) and provide us timely support for our daily technology needs. Integra-IT was a vital member of our team when we moved offices and they helped us manage the project from drawings to move in. The move had no issues and our systems where down less than 3 hours. We were on time and on budget with no issues on move in day – a great testament to the Integra-IT team.”
Elaine Davies, COO