Quality Candidates
Finding the right person can be like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Let our experienced recruitment team help you.  We always have qualified candidates on hand that are personally picked and screened by our staff.  We’re the best in the game of matching the right candidate for the right role.

Executive Search

At Integra-IT, we treat each candidate as an individual and each role as a unique opportunity.  We take the time to understand a candidate and their qualities and ensure we understand each new job role and what it means to an organisation.  Our extensive network throughout the region gives us access to a large number of the industry’s best people.  The search never stops for us, which is why we’re the best in the business.

Permanent Hire or Contractor

Can’t decide whether to hire a permanent placement or contractor?  Have a chat to us about the pros and cons of both, and the options available to you.  We’re the experts in the field and understand the unique requirements of IT resourcing in the Asia Pacific market.  The right person for you is never too far away.

Technology Resourcing

Are you looking for a highly skilled resource to join your organisation on a temporary basis?  Maybe just someone to help you get a project across the line?  Or need additional cover to help backfill when your permanent staff are on leave?  Well look no further.  Our technology resourcing division is able to offer a wide range of highly trained resources; from PMs to Engineers to Application Developers.  They sit on our payroll so you only pay for what you need.  Let us take care of the resourcing so you can get that project completed on time.

Case Studies

One of our clients, a large logistics company, is currently undergoing an upgrade of all their IT.

One of our clients, a large logistics company, is currently undergoing an upgrade of all their IT.

As such they have a need for both permanent and short term contract staff covering a wide range of disciplines for both applications and infrastructure.

“The team was able to get to the bottom of our requirements quickly and deliver qualified candidates during a short period of time. The Integra-IT team started as they meant to go on. They responded quickly to our request for resourcing support, they fielded exactly the right people and these people were unremitting in driving the agenda. Pace was maintained but with a pragmatic and robust approach. Integra-IT people are professional, knowledgeable, straightforward and capable. In fact, just the qualities needed to meet the challenges they were presented with. Without Integra- IT, we would still be managing a selection process now with the tight time line in delivering the projects. If you are looking for "A" talent and want to maximize your recruiting budget, I highly recommend Integra-IT”
Hiring Manager, Aviation Industry

In 2008, a leading Investment Bank was planning to grow rapidly and its management knew that they did not want to hire and manage full time IT engineers to support the Global Markets team. After evaluating service offerings, Integra-IT was chosen to staff and manage their IT helpdesk.

Our Solution

Integra-IT provides a fully managed IT Helpdesk with a dedicated team of Help Desk professionals. In the event of planned (or unplanned) leave, additional resources are deployed to the client’s office to assure the desk is always fully manned. The Outsource Help Desk is the first point of contact for all first and second tier support issues for HK & Singapore.

Integra-IT provides their full suite of technical skill sets on an as needed basis, pooling their resources and providing value by getting results efficiently. Automated IT Reports, weekly meetings with points of contact, and monthly meetings

ith the IT committee keep IT and the business aligned.

"One of the best things about Integra-IT is their fast response in getting the right individuals with the right attitude to fill the gap especially for public holiday cover & sick leave” stated Helpdesk Team Lead. “If there is a gap of resources, they will arrange for someone else to fill the gap within a 4 hours response time”. If there are engineers that need to be trained, they will arrange for 2 weeks’ training before they go into the field. Integra-IT has been a fabulous help to us,” said Helpdesk Team Lead. “Their depth of knowledge and unlimited resources take care of our IT helpdesk."